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February 19th, 2004

06:07 pm - V ^_________________________________^ V

Well, it turns out that the guitar I bought wasn't actually a Fender....it was a Squier, which is essentially the bargain Fender. Very similar, but not the same thing at all. When I got the guitar, I was very diappointed to see the little Squier logo on the very upper portion of the headstock. The seller had a lot of perfect feedback, so I had felt confident in bidding, despite the lack of a close-up photo of the headstock. It was a mistake I'll never make again. So I wrote to him to let him know that I was very disappointed that he had not been entirely forthcoming in his listing.

He was fairly polite in his return email, but he wasn't willing to work with me. He said that he paid $380 for the guitar on eBay and that the price was justified. Now, I think that he probably did buy it for $380 on eBay, believing as I did that it was something other than what it was, and he decided that he would try to unload it on someone else. He claimed that he had accidentally omitted that one very important detail, which I found very hard to believe.

As far as I was concerned, however, that wasn't the point at all. I simply wouldn't have bid on the item if he'd come right out and said it was a Squier. However, after I got his first email, I have to admit that I began to waver a bit, thinking that perhaps he was correct.

But after investigating on eBay some other claims he made, I was able to firm up my convictions a bit. See, he also said that he had paid $75 on eBay for the case. This was really hard to swallow, as this particular type of case sells for $35-$50, typically....so he'd have to be an idiot to pay $75 for something that is far less than perfect (the exterior is pretty scuffed up) and missing the key. He also claimed to have spent $12 on the tremelo arm, which is patently absurd. You can pick one up on eBay for $1-$2. Finally, he said he paid my shipping, which, while technically true, is not really accurate. I mean, what seller doesn't compute the cost of shipping in their Buy It Now price? In the end, he advised me to file a complaint with eBay or PayPal if I didn't like it.

We had a few more email exchanges. One morning I woke to find several emails from him containing links to auctions of Fender Foto Flames and one Squier Foto Flame, trying to prove a point. It would have been more effective if anyone had actually been willing to bid on the one Squier he linked me to....but it was WAY overpriced. At least that seller was fully honest about the make and model. The others I summarily rejected, as they were not Squiers, and they were, therefore, not relevant.

Later, he tried to insinuate that he had sold me a Hot Rod Reissue (HRR). Now, if you compare the photos I posted earlier to those, you can see that they are very similar, but it's still easy to discern a difference. The HRR has three knobs, where mine has two. The HRR has a DiMarzio pickup in the bridge, where mine has a generic cheapie. But most importantly, the HRRs weren't Squiers. The HRRs were produced from 1990-1995....mine was in production from 1994-1996. I guess he figured he might be able to trick me since this is my first electric, but I guess he was wrong. It's not hard to find accurate information quickly, thanks to the internet (Fender's own customer service was quite helpful, too).

In his first email, he suggested that, since I was not happy with the transaction, I should file a complaint with eBay and PayPal. So that's what I did. And, though it took two tries, I got my $400 back. Part of me feels rather badly about it, since I suspect that it may have come from his account....but the other part is like, "Hey! Free guitar! W00t!"
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: the disturbing buzzing sound of my hard drive.... D:

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February 18th, 2004

01:22 am - eh
Hmm....I really should be working on studying for two tests next week, but....eh. I'll do it tomorrow.

However, I did manage to change my desktop today, and that was pretty exciting.Collapse )

I've been wondering lately about icicles and why they form the way they do.Collapse )
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: static in headphones. :(

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February 16th, 2004

12:28 am - Horoscope Hoojoo (revisited)
Well, I decided to investigate the hoojoo for myself, and this is what I found:

Clicky for the hoojooCollapse )

Would I pay for a full report? Hell no. I enjoy blowing large amounts of money on crap, but that would test even my standards.
Current Mood: soresore

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January 30th, 2004

12:36 pm - Holy freaking crap
I'm so excited. I just bought the greatest thing I think I've ever purchased. Of course, I'll be selling more of my precious game items and my Kenshin VHS Memorial Box to help pay for an amplifier for it, but it's soooooo worth it.

Isn't it lovely?Collapse )
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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January 7th, 2004

06:57 pm - Does this make me a bad person?
So, I went to work and bought a $20 game (Beyond Good and Evil -- $16 with discount). It's actually a really good game (I've checked it out before), but I've really wanted to play Final Fantasy X-2 for a long time, and I just don't have $50 to spare. :( Well, it turns out that this game very recently had a drastic price drop, and my local Hastings hasn't updated their prices yet. Can you see where I'm going with this?

So, yeah...I exchanged BG&E for FFX-2. Not too shabby, eh? I suppose that's rather devious and amoral of me, but....well....I can live with that. I'll end up buying BG&E eventually, but for now..... >:D
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Current Music: the sweet, sweet sound of success....

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December 30th, 2003

12:48 am - Feh
Well, for whatever reason, I can't edit my entries without crashing IE, so...perhaps if I continue to post this one-line drivel, it will appear that I am being somewhat industrious.
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: Kate Bush - Rocket's Tail

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12:15 am - So
This is a test entry. Will I ever post here again? I just can't imagine what I would ever have to say.
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Nightmares on Wax - Rise

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